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Tips for the Festive Season

According to Ayurveda (a complete medical system dating back over 5,000 years) there are some guidelines around how, what and when to eat that should be followed in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Below are some simple tips to help you navigate the Holiday Season to ensure that you feel well and start the new year feeling the best that you can.

Looking after your body

1. Eat only when hungry - Avoid eating when you do not have an appetite as your digestion is not yet ready for what it is to come. Wait until hunger signs appear;

2. Chew your food for longer - do not underestimate the importance of chewing your food properly. It not only helps your digestive system to process the food but, you will feel satiated a lot sooner;

3. Avoid overeating! Your digestive system will struggle if you fill it to the max. Just like a blender struggles to mix its content when you fill it to the top.

As a rule, think: 1/3 of food, 1/3 of liquid and 1/3 empty. Your body will appreciate it and you will sleep a lot better, too;

4. Avoid very cold/icy drinks as it impairs your ability to digest. Icy cold liquid is particularly detrimental just before meals. Prefer warm drinks such as herbal teas;

Looking after your mind

As we well know, your mind is the control centre of how your body and emotions behave. Looking after your mind can be extra challenging during the Festive Season as we are often thrown out of balance with so much going on: people, food, drinking, late nights and so on.

Remember to:

1. Take a pause - Try to make some time to be on your own. Perhaps a quick Yoga routine or a walk around the block;

2. Breathe - Remember to breathe long and calm breaths every time you feel overwhelmed. You will be surprised at how beneficial this is;

3. Meditate - This is one of the most powerful tools to ground you;

4. Do not be afraid to say NO if it all becomes too much. Listen to your body!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season - Keep well and healthy!

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